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I help professional Australian women living with a chronic illness to declutter their home and life

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About You

You feel overwhelmed, ashamed and embarrassed by the state of your home or office. Are you limited in your decluttering due to your energy constraints? Feeling swamped by paperwork even late with your taxes or paying late fees on bills? I can help you navigate your world to achieve the elusive calmness. Learn where to start in this journey.

My Mission

A tidy, organised house and paperwork saves you time and money. It promotes a feeling of peace and gives you a can do attitude in your world. You start to calm the chaos across different areas in your life and feel more confident in having people over.

Why I can help

Peaceful Environment

I help you get to the place where your environment is peaceful and calm.


Know where things are, when things are due and have the skills to move forward into new direction in your life


You get clear on what to do, where to work next and your next steps to declutter your room or life


You become part of a community who are working together to clean their house and declutter. Get encouragement, support  and accountability along the way.

My Services

Helping Australian professional women declutter your home and life while living with a chronic illness.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions where I coach YOU to declutter your house or life. Together we design an individualised plan to help you declutter  your life that you want to change. These plans include: where to start, how to declutter your life or house and the next steps to take. Subsequent sessions are tailored to your needs and challenges and may include coaching, how to overcome obstacles, time spent doing the work of decluttering or a redesign of the plan. All sessions are held via Zoom and include encouragement, and support. The cost is $250 per hour.

Group Coaching Programme

Looking to declutter in a supportive group environment to help your motivation? Join up to 10 others for 90 minutes a week for 10 weeks as you declutter part of your life. These sessions include coaching (including where to start, overcoming obstacles, what to do with hard things and next steps), support and encouragement, accountability and the space and time to work on your decluttering. These groups are held via Zoom and are held after work hours for your convenience. The price is $1000 for 10 weeks.  Next course starts 2nd March 2022.

3 month decluttering package

This package offers you 8 individual coaching sessions and unlimited access via email to Karen as you target a significant area or portion of your house, a storage unit or if you are working to a deadline. The aim of this package is to get the area to a place that you are happy with it. You will do the work of decluttering but this package offers you concentrated coaching with a plan, working through stuck points and past obstacles.  This package cost is $3000 one off payment or $1100 per month for three monthly payments. Limited places available.

The Team

The Team at Life & Hope Mentoring

Karen Mace

Karen is a Decluttering Coach, Registered Counsellor and Provisional Psychologist who has been helping people overcome obstacles and move through their stuck places for over 15 years. Having recently completed a personal decluttering journey, clearing out her house combined with the Decluttering Coach training has given her the skills to help you move forward. If you need help with clearing your benches, lounges, cupboards, robes, bedrooms, bathrooms or paperwork, I can help. I empower you to formulate a plan, know where to start, move past obstacles, and teach you the skills to clear the clutter. I will train you to get onto those tasks that seem impossible. All coaching is offered over Zoom.

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